Sunday, February 3, 2013

I'm Going to Need Another Cup...


Well, its the first full week back and already my reading and ambitions for the semester are piling up. I feel as though when I am in one of my classes I have tunnel vision and I think of all the possibilities for a project or my readings as if it was my only class. Then I leave the room and someone jolts me back to reality where I am not spending my time with one class...but with 5! Here is a break down of my classes and what I found out in the first week:

Pastoral Care - Taught by my advisor and already in the first class we dove into a "what would you do?" situation as a class. It was very intense, but I'm hoping that my instincts will help me out in this class. One of the books I am reading for the class is "Evensong" by Gail Godwin, it is about a young woman in ministry and already I'm interested in what the book has to say for me.

Old Testament - I've have already told you how much I enjoy this subject and especially the way that I'm learning it. The visual aspects along with the text and my favorite word, CONTEXT! This semester we have made a running start with Job, a fascinating book that captures me when I read it.

Lutheran Confessions - Here is where my copy of The Book of Concord will become completely annotated, already my orange highlighter is everywhere, there are notes in the margins and already I  am beginning a color-coded tab system...surprised? I didn't think so. Reading in that book is truly opening my eyes and I am looking forward to the intricacies that come forth in the reading.

Liturgy - Well, the class began with singing a Kyrie in Portuguese and ended with dancing....everything in between was full of excitement and passion. I have always been a little scared of liturgy and I think this class will help me break down those walls. Also the culminating project which I will fill you in on as the semester moves on begins with visiting and talking to a group of people who are marginalized by society. I have already started looking into visiting a woman's shelter in Center City and I'm jazzed for this project.

Hebrew Readings - Here is where my remedial Hebrew skills will be enhanced and I will actually learn how to utilize the language in my ministry. The class will be translating the entire book of Ruth....I'm nervous but excited to dig into the text and create my own translation.

Well here are my classes and I will be updating you more as the semester goes on them, but outside of class I am trying to get more involved with the chapel starting this week with leading Holden Evening Prayer on Tuesday night. I'm nervous, but ready to get into the music. Also I have signed up for an Adult Shakespeare class at a local theatre! I'm ready to speak the speech once again and live in the beautiful poetry and prose that will never be far from my life.

I must go now and get to work, but I look forward to catching up next week.

Talk to you soon,