Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'll Make a Fresh Pot of Coffee


I can hardly believe that it is already January and nearing February. Monday begins the new semester here in Philly. New classes with some new professors and definitely new changes to this year. The biggest shift has been in my personal relationship which has ended. A difficult decision that many friends have helped me through. Beyond my personal relationship I have decided to begin looking into topics for my future studies. A large box of books from the library sits in my room waiting to be read...none of which have even had their binding cracked. Some the titles that I have are
 Feminist Intercultural Theology 
Sex in History 
Mujerista Theology 
Battered Love: Marriage, Sex and Violence in the Hebrew Prophets
Listening to God 
Of course I still have to actually read these books before they can begin to help me...

Last semester ended with a wonderful performance of Godspell that left the seminary community wanting more! It was truly life-giving to be part of a show especially when I thought that my theatre days were over, but I guess God has other plans in store for me. The audience was filled with professors, friends and members of the community who were floored to see faculty, staff and students in a new light. We were a rag-tag group filled with song and dance in bright colors with beaming faces. Singing "Day by Day" was a challenge at first, but it became one of my favorite songs to sing when there was an audience because they sang along and became part of the performance. When I found out that I would be singing that I called my mother and she wept as she told me how as a little girl she got to sing it and it still remains one of her favorite songs. Yet "Turn Back, O Man" was a different sort of challenge and as I researched other performances and watched videos of the iconic Mae West I found myself embracing a new persona onstage. Boa in hand, I flirted and even sat on the occasional lap (including a couple professors and the Dean!) while singing. This show was more than I could have asked for in my first semester here!

Since I have been back from break I have taken a course on the Psalms which was a wonderful class. Even though it was a very short class, I feel so much more comfortable with the Psalms and look forward to using them in my personal devotion. The Psalms are used so often in worship, but honestly not really studied the way that they deserve. These prayers and petitions are words of the people (as my professor reminded us) and when we do not know what to say it is important to remember that the words are there for us to utilize.

Some pictures from a trip into Center City
 The Liberty Bell

 Love these!

 Independence Hall

 "The Signer"


 Beautiful Building near Reading Terminal Market

Well I have come to the end of my coffee and so I will be writing soon, trying to keep the updates a little closer together so that the entries won't be as long. :) Know that I miss you terribly and you will hear from me soon, coffee in hand.

Talk to You Soon,